July 14, 2002

Bringing KDE closer to Joe User's desktop

From OS News:
"KDE 3 was released only a few months ago, and it is, to date, the most successful version of the series, serving more than 50% of the Unix and Linux
desktops, surpassing Gnome (~21%) and the rest of the gang. However, KDE is not perfect, and still not as comfortable as the Windows or as sexy as the
MacOSX desktops. It lacks two things: integration with the underlying system and UI polishing. Today, I will mostly talk about the polishing part, as
a lot has been already said elsewhere about the seemingly unsolvable integration issue (because of the modularity and completely independant/remote
software projects.) Update: And as I was just publishing this article, KDE 3.1-Alpha was released. I hope that some of my recommendations will make it
to the final version of KDE 3.1."
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