October 29, 2003

Bringing Linux to the Masses-- Linux for Everyone

Guest writes

"Linux For Everyone, Making Linux Easier -- New Computers With Powerful Linux OS and Cognitio Software Enhancements

WICHITA, KS October 29, 2003 - CPUBuilders (www.cpubuilders.com) today announced the availability of CognitioTM, a robust and intelligent set of software that solves a variety of ease of use issues relating to Linux-based hardware and software. Cognitio is designed to make CPUBuilders Linux, the Linux for EveryoneTM, much easier to use than other Linux-based operating systems currently on the market.

CPUBuilders continues to innovate and extend their Linux computer offering. They are now shipping computers with enhanced features and capabilities including:

· New, more powerful models with faster processors

· USB 2.0 for enhanced expandability on all new models

· DDR memory for improved performance and video on all new models

· USB 6-in-1 card readers standard on all models

· CPUBuilders Linux with CognitioTM on all models with powerful capabilities including:

1. A control panel that facilitates adding new hardware, including plug-and-play devices,

          CDwriters, hard drives, scanners and USB storage.

2. An easy-to-use OS and application software update tool. An account to use this update tool is included with each CPUBuilders computer system and allows easy one-click updates to CPUBuilders Linux. It also allows updates for the hundreds of pre-installed applications and provides access to brand-new software releases.

3. Automatic monitoring of all system network connections and robust automatic firewall protection for all Internet connections.

4. Easy Internet connection sharing with other computers on an internal network.

5. Easy management of Audio CD's by prompting with options to directly play or add an Audio CD to your music collection.

6. Automatic network file sharing access points to make networking with other computers and operating systems easy, including WindowsTM MacOSTM and other Linux-based systems.

7. Easy-to-follow help documentation for new Linux users for easier migration from Windows(R) to Linux.

The CPUBuilders combination of affordable hardware, Linux For EveryoneTM OS and the full compliment of application software bundled with each system, makes each CPUBuilders system powerful, easy-to-use and cost-effective for business and home. Everything is included and configured to work immediately so users can be productive and get real work done right out of the box.

Robert Barger, President of CPUBuilders said, After releasing our upgraded Linux-based PC systems last February, we realized there is a huge, untapped market for Linux based-computers. With price tags of $299-$499, our Linux PCs have experienced robust demand due to the incredible values weve offered. Now, with the release of our CognitioTM Control Panel, our internal 6-in-1 card reader, faster processor speeds and the additional system enhancements were announcing today, its easy to see that CPUBuilders is doing more than just building and shipping inexpensive systems. CognitioTM is a unique innovation that truly enhances our systems and our Linux for EveryoneTM OS. Frankly, we havent seen this much real value in the emerging Linux PC market from anyone.

CPUBuilders released their upgraded systems in September 2003, which are available at SAMS CLUB and via the CPUBuilders website. Each system is pre-installed with CPUBuilders Linux For EveryoneTM distribution, and bundled with a complete suite of programs including applications to browse the Internet, send and receive email, type and print letters, create and deliver presentations, work on spreadsheets, edit and print digital photos, manage personal calendar and address book and much more. Unlike some Linux-based PCs currently on the market, users dont have to rely on an Internet connection to download additional software after purchase. The software bundled with each CPUBuilders system is distributed under open licensing terms that eliminate the costs and hassles of license tracking and management.

CPUBuilders sees their systems as quality options for government, businesses and households seeking multiple PC systems, consumers with limited budgets, or businesses looking to add capable, multi-function workstations at a lower cost.

Additionally, at speeds of 1.3 GHz and faster, these systems are powerful enough for popular applications such as stand-alone and Internet access points, digital image and music media stations, as well as more advanced applications such as file, print, database and web servers. CPUBuilders systems allow customers the freedom to add a monitor of their choice from a wide variety of sources, starting at under $100 for a 17-inch monitor, when ordering from SAMS CLUB online (www.samsclub.com). CPUBuilders has been building custom Linux PCs since 2001.

Systems, Features and Pricing

The CPUBuilders Linux Computer Starter System, (Model # CBS124LD) has a 1.3 GHz processor, 256MB DDR RAM, 40GB hard drive, 4 USB 2.0 ports, 52X CD-ROM, 6-IN-1 Card Reader, and a full compliment of bundled software all for less than $300.

About CPUBuilders

CPUBuilders has an outstanding track record as a leading supplier of desktop Linux-based computer systems, high technology computing products, accessories for Windows, Linux and MacOS based computers and continues to innovate software enhancements to make Linux easier to use. CPUBuilders products are available nationwide at retailers such as SAMS CLUB and e-tailers worldwide."

Link: cpubuilders.com

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