August 6, 2003

BRU Technology Supports U.S. Government Regulation

Bob Christ writes "Scottsdale, Arizona - August 5, 2003 - TOLIS Group, Inc. today announces the availability of a white paper titled: BRU's Support of Regulatory Governance. In recent years the U.S. Government has instituted major regulations that define the treatment of key organizational data. Most organizations focus their compliance on the moment, and can be at significant risk downstream. The white paper details how TOLIS' BRU(TM) technology assures availability and accuracy of archived business decision data to support compliance with the regulations.

Regulatory policy such as the Health Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Sarbox) each mandate how an organization's data must be treated.

Yet, according to Michael Karp, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates, "99 percent of IT sites in North America don't know how much of their backup data is actually recoverable." This realization is in direct discord with an organization's ability to produce key records when required to do so.

"A variety of technology approaches such as disk mirroring can be implemented to protect runtime data. But what happens when information that was current last month is needed to defend a position next month," poses Tim Jones, president of TOLIS Group. "Trouble lurks when it's not available and places CEO's, CFO's and Directors alike under magnifying-glass scrutiny and liability."

Upper management in organizations is investing in a variety of available software packages to manage the policy, control, certification, procedure and communication compliance regulations - yet the protection of historical information is a less visible consideration. Decisions to protect these data are typically being left to the IT staff.

TOLIS Group's BRU technology delivers leadership functionality to help protect an organization when either it or a government auditor needs access to the historical data. Each of the following support points is detailed in the white paper:

  • Acknowledgement stamps document the backup actually completed
  • Verification that the content of each backup is 100% accurate
  • Ability to verify the accuracy and recoverability of the backup one week, one year, or ten years following the actual backup
  • Agnostic device support means mutable or immutable data can be written to existing and future technologies
  • The logical data format of BRU-created archives cannot be read by unauthorized prying eyes using common approaches
  • Ability to return the most data - even when bits have become altered on the backup media BRU's advanced logic continues the restore
  • Time-proven technology that delivers atypical software industry backward compatibility to provide industry-leading information availability and long-term investment protection
  • Platform independence - because today's platforms may not be those implemented tomorrow

While most of the aforementioned Regulatory Acts, to a large extent, are evolving works in progress, the underlying need to protect all pertinent information remains. Access TOLIS' "BRU's Support of Regulatory Governance" white paper at:


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