October 17, 2001

BSA closes redirection site, does victory dance

Author: JT Smith

Where in the world is warez.at? Certainly not on the Internet anymore, as the
Business Software Alliance racks up yet another victory in its efforts to force
pirated software offline. Visitors to warez.at, allegedly a popular online
pirated software exchange, are now greeted with a message stating that the site
has been closed. The story implies that warez.at didn't actually host any
pirated software, but redirected to 20 other sites in nine other countries that
did, and no word is given on whether the BSA has been able to shut down those
sites. BSA reps hailed the closure of warez.at as a major victory, almost in the
same way they did when the software piracy rate in a certain Pacific Rim
national dropped from 70 percent to 68 percent. Full story
at Reuters
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