May 21, 2004

*BSD classes to be taught in Seattle, Wash.

Guest writes "Puget Sound Technology is teaching OpenBSD, FreeBSD and NetBSD classes
this summer in Seattle, Washington, USA. The hands-on classes
will cover the fundamentals for *BSD system administration, including
installation, system startup configurations, networking,
configuring and building custom kernels, installing software
packages, system security hardening techniques, user and group
administration, and more.

The multi-day classes will also include BIND DNS, Apache HTTP Server,
and Postfix mail server training.

These classes are for administrators new to BSD operating systems
or admins needing refresher training. Many of the skills taught in the
courses will be applicable to Linux and generic Unix administration.

The OpenBSD System Administration Training course will be June 22 - 25.
It will include an introduction to PF packet filtering and network
address translation.
Class details are at sd/.

The FreeBSD System Administration class will be taught July 13 - 16.
It will cover the new rc.d system (rcNG) and
it will introduce IPFW packet filtering and NATD address translation.
More information is at sd/.

And the NetBSD System Administration Training course will be held
August 10 - 13.
This training will also introduce IP Filter for basic packet filtering
and network address translation.
Course information is available at d/.

Discounts are available for early registration.

Puget Sound Technology is also offering multi-day classes covering
Apache Web Server Administration, Unix/Linux shell essentials
training, Linux Security training, and Linux Administration
fundamentals. Specializing in Linux and BSD, Puget Sound Technology
offers a wide range of services and solutions that enable network
service providers and IT departments to take full advantage of open
source software. Headquartered in Washington state, the company
is located on the internet at




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