November 12, 2001

Budget Pentium 4: 845 motherboards (Linux) reviewed

Author: JT Smith

Augustus writes " has posted this review of three Intel 845-based motherboards:
"Intel's 845 chipset has arrived and now Intel fans finally have an upgrade path that will allow them to keep their existing SDRAM and still upgrade to the Intel Pentium 4 processor. The big question though is, what sort of performance hit can you expect from not taking the plunge with RAMBUS? has gotten hold of three Intel 845 motherboards from Intel, SOYO, and Abit and we've put them through the tests and have the answers to the Pentium 4 with SDRAM questions. Is purchasing an SDRAM-based Pentium 4 system worth it? Is using an 845-based motherboard a good upgrade path for those interested in going the Pentium 4 route?""


  • Unix
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