October 4, 2005

Bug Huntress QA Lab announces it is extending its BugHuntress

Kozlov Igor writes "Bug Huntress QA Lab announces of extending its BugHuntress Test Suit functionality for Palm OS 3.0-5.4

Kharkiv, Ukraine - October 4, 2005 - Bug Huntress QA Lab, the
leading software testing company
for testing applications for PDA's and smart phones being the originator and
of the pioneering BugHuntress Test Suite which is an automated testing system
for PDA applications, announces its BugHuntress Test Suite functionality extension
for application testing on Palm
OS compatible handhelds and emulators, working on Palm OS 3.0-5.4.

Bug Huntress Team feels proud to remind of its BugHuntress
Test Suite automated testing system
which is a client-server system with Windows server that enables testing both
on Palm OS devices and their emulators by comparing the result with reference
values at control points. PC and Palm parts of BugHuntress Test Suite interact
through COM-port, by using USB-bus and via TCP/IP protocol. Automated testing
is performed using special scenarios, scripts and control points (e.g. screen
CRC, controls states, databases states, etc.) which basically represent software
test plan written in Java-script with BHTS commands. The system's flexibility
allows to script any test plan and easily carry out functional, output and
stress testing. Test Suite is especially convenient for regressive testing,
when changes to program code are continually made throughout software lifecycle.
Some useful application's features are: capability to control reference sums
comparison, capability to take screenshots during test execution and compare
them with the reference ones, handy results logging.

The overwhelming advantage of the enhanced BugHuntress Test
Suite if compared to proximate products for embedded systems with sophisticated
human interfaces is its ability to build in between the Palm OS and the application
being tested and intercept the wider variety of events on the system level.
It needs not to emulate system pressing on buttons but intercepts events within
the system.

Now the enhanced version of BugHuntress Test Suite supports
the all the above OSes. It also now supports WinCE and Symbian platforms.

About Bug Huntress QA Lab
The company was founded in 1998 as an independent software
and software testing company. Wide experience in QA gained
by the team and high demand on testing services transformed the QA department
into a new brand-Bug Huntress QA Lab (www.bughuntress.com). Bug Huntress QA
Lab in cooperation with its QArea owner-company has developed a variety of
cross-platform software solutions for business, security, healthcare and gaming



Link: bughuntress.com

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