Bug Labs Open Source Hardware on Verizon’s ODI


Day 2 of the Verizon Developer Community Conference 2010 offered a deep dive into ares such as open source hardware, network APIs and more. RWH sat down with developers attending and gathered feedback that other mobile app developers will appreciate and hopefully apply in their own endeavors.

Let’s take a closer look.

Wait. We can do that?!?

Verizon? Open source hardware? What? Yes. That’s right. The folks behind Bug Labs were at the VDCC and packed the room with developers eager to learn more about the just announced inclusion of Bug Labs into the Verizon Wireless’ Open Development Initiative (ODI).

Peter Semmelhack, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Bug Labs opened a lot of eyes on Day 1 during the opening panel and again on Day 2.

When asked about how Bug Labs might compare/compete with open-source Arduino hardware and software prototyping environment, Semmelhack shared his thoughts and indicated Bug Labs targets the developers that are more software oriented than electrical engineering oriented. Semmelhack added that Bug Labs is a way to get going faster for the software developers that want to take advantage of a hardware platform on carrier networks. Further, Bug Labs is committed to making prototyping on carrier networks better and encourages feedback from the community.

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