January 17, 2008

Build A Linux-Based Wireless Access Point

For ultimate control and customizability, building your own Linux wireless access point is the way to go. You may use an old recycled PC, or build a sleek attractive power- and space-saving unit from new parts. It may save a small pot of money, because you'll end up with a WAP that can do anything the high-end commercial WAPs can do, like the Cisco Aironet, and then some. Like firewalling, logging, running servers -- whatever you can do on any Linux box. If your needs are met by a lower-end WAP like the Netgear WGU624 or the SMC2304WBR-AG, building your own won't save much money and will cost more time. But you will have ultimate control and gain a deeper understanding of how it all works, which are always good.

Link: enterprisenetworkingplanet.com


  • Linux
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