May 5, 2002

Build Linux in a cluster with Rock Linux

Jocelyn writes "ROCK Linux has just released a new
snapshot for version 1.7. Now you can build your own distribution as fast
as possible. All you need is a cluster with a shared NFS mount. Download
the snapshot here.

Here's the text of the original announcement by Clifford Wolf:


I'm currently uploading the first 1.7 snapshot which has support for
building on a cluster (of workstations). Here is a short description on
how to build ROCK Linux on a cluster:

1. The 'build/' directory must be shared using NFS between all
cluster nodes. This does not slow down the build process much
because I've changed the way the chroot build works. Now the
temporary rock source tree for the chroot build is outside the
build/ directory and so on the local harddisk.

2. Enable the "Use parallel build (cluster) job scheduler" option
in the configuration.

3. Copy the config/ dirctory to the clients (you may also share
this one using NFS).

4. Run ./scripts/Build-Target on the master node.

5. Run './scripts/Build-Client -loop "rock-1.7.0-..."' on the build
nodes the last parameter is the build-id. The command is also
automatically printed when you start Build-Target on the master

There is a screenshot available on

Currently the pkg dependencies are not correctly detected in the stages 0
and 1. So you need to build 0 and 1 as usual and may start building on
the cluster with stage 2.

(Yes - I will write a better documentation for building on a cluster



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