July 11, 2006

Building Carrier-grade AdvancedTCA & COTS system

Guest writes "OpenClovis Helps Telecom Equipment Designers Build Next-Generation Carrier-grade AdvancedTCA- and COTS-based Systems

Experts Explain How to Save Time and Reduce Risk,
Using Manageability and High Availability Software Platform

PETALUMA, Calif. – July 10, 2006 – OpenClovis Inc., provider of the premier open source, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application service platform for the telecommunications industry, today announced it will present a series of one-hour webinars to demonstrate open source-based solutions that will allow developers to speed time to market and reduce engineering risk. “Achieving High Availability: Building Carrier-grade AdvancedTCA- and COTS- based systems
” will be first in the series of free webinars that will run monthly through November 2006.

This first online webinar, scheduled for Tuesday, July 11, 2006, at 11 a.m. PDT, is for architects, engineers and others designing next-generation telecommunications systems. In this presentation, OpenClovis will demonstrate how to achieve platform manageability and high availability in mission-critical environments on AdvancedTCA- and COTS-based systems, through efficient development and cost benefits of COTS components at the service platform level.

The program will also cover infrastructure services that build redundant, resilient application software components, including check-pointing, location-independent addressing and group membership.

Future webinar topics will include:

• Platform Manageability & HPI Integration: Platform independent modeling and implementation, ATCA (August 15)
• Node Manageability (September 12)
• Migrating Legacy Systems & Applications to AdvancedTCA COTS Based Hardware Platforms Using OpenClovis (October 10)
• High Availability: How OpenClovis Does It (November 7)

Last month, OpenClovis Inc. announced the OpenClovis Application Service Platform (ASP) and OpenClovis Integrated Development Environment (IDE), the telecommunications industry’s first open source, carrier grade application service platform and development environment. The new OpenClovis ASP provides a complete off-the-shelf, standards aligned, manageability and high availability solution.

To obtain additional information or to register for this webinar series, please visit www.openclovis.com/newsevents/webinar.php?event=Ac hieving High Availability

OpenClovis will also be holding several on location seminars incorporating a half-day tutorial and live demonstration. The OpenClovis Summer Series will kick off on Tuesday, July 25, in Santa Clara, Calif., and will travel to Boston and to the Ottawa area in August.

About OpenClovis
OpenClovis (www.openclovis.com) provides the premier open source, commercial off-the-shelf application service platform for the telecommunications industry. The company reduces the cost of developing telecommunications equipment and accelerates time to market by providing developers with a flexible, standards-based software platform available under both open source and commercial licenses. With OpenClovis, telecommunication and network equipment manufacturers can quickly and easily add a management and high availability platform on which to build their differentiated applications. OpenClovis has received investment backing from American River Ventures, AT&T, Intel, Sevin Rosen Funds and Walden International. The company has partnerships with industry leaders such as HP and IBM.


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