July 9, 2001

Busting Web bandits

Author: JT Smith

MSNBC: "According to an indictment handed down last
month by a federal grand jury, Alexey Ivanov, 20, and Vassili
Gorchkov, 25, are two extremely audacious hackers. Operating
out of Chelyabinski, Russia, the pair allegedly broke into the
computer systems of U.S. banks and e-commerce sites in 10
states, stole tens of thousands of credit-card numbers and then
told those same firms they wouldn't stop their reign of
cyberterror unless they were hired as security consultants. FBI
agents, posing as execs of a phony company, pretended to take
the Russians up on their offer, brought them to the States for
job interviews, then slapped on the handcuffs."


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