September 26, 2002

BX PRO, leading GUI builder for Motif, upgraded

mhatch writes: Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS), the leader in user interface development tools for UNIX/Linux systems, announced today the general availability of Builder Xcessory PRO 6.1, an upgrade to its flagship product. Builder Xcessory PRO (BX PRO) is widely used by enterprise software developers to speed the creation of graphical user interfaces for mission critical applications that require high performance and high reliability.

This upgrade provides developers with the choice of using either Motif 1.2 or Motif 2.1 for building user interfaces for their applications. Evaluation copies of BX PRO are available free at .

"BX PRO 6.1 maintains our commitment to supporting enterprise developers with tools that matches their development environment," said Mark Hatch, Chief Operating Officer of ICS. "With this upgrade our customers can choose between Motif 1.2 support for legacy applications and Motif 2.1 for new development."

BX PRO consists of Builder Xcessory?, the industry's most advanced graphical interface builder for Motif and Java; ViewKit?, a flexible and mature C++ reuse framework that can be tailored to accommodate the specific needs of individual businesses; and EnhancementPak?, a library of 30 reusable components including business graphs and sophisticated user interface controls. More detailed product information is available at .

About Motif
Motif is the industry standard graphical user interface toolkit, (IEEE 1295). It is used on more than 200 hardware and software platforms including Compaq, HP, IBM, Linux, SGI, and Sun. It provides application developers, end users, and system integrators with the industry's most widely used environment for multi-platform graphical applications. Motif is the leading user interface for the UNIX based operating system.

About ICS
Founded in 1987, ICS was chartered to create software development tools for developers working with the then emerging X Window System?. The company's first offerings included X training and a version of Motif for systems manufactured by Sun Microsystems. Prior to the widespread adoption of Motif by the UNIX workstation vendors, ICS was the leading independent shipper of the Motif toolkit. In 1998, The Open Group chose ICS to provide technical support for its Motif source code licenses.

Today, ICS is the current market leader in Motif graphical user interface development tools. Its flagship product, Builder Xcessory, is in its sixth major release and represents over 100 person years of effort. BX defines a level of sophistication, functionality and ease-of-use that is unmatched in the industry.

ICS sponsors the MotifZone ( ), a community site for Motif developers to gather additional knowledge and request input on technical problems from other engineers. The MotifZone hosts the Public CVS source code repository for Open Motif as well as the defect database. The MotifZone hosts over 6500 active developers, has delivered over 500,000 downloads of Open Motif, and experiences over 5 million hits per year. It is the most active website dedicated to user interface software development.

For further information on ICS, its products or services, call 617-621-0060, or visit the ICS website at .

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