December 12, 2001

Bynari announces free release of Insight client 2.6 for Linux

Author: JT Smith

"Bynari Inc., developer of the Insight Collaboration products for Linux announced a promotion on the current version of the original Linux based client-providing connectivity to Microsoft Exchange users." Under this promotion Bynari will allow for free downloads of version 2.6 of the Bynari Insight Client. Users will find Insight client at

"We announced this promotion to familiarize the broader market with the capabilities of Bynari's messaging products," says David Wolff, head of Marketing and Strategic Alliances. "This release comes in preparation for our anticipated January release of version 3.0 of our Insight Server and a later release of Version 3.0 of Insight client. The users taking advantage of this offer will be given an upgrade discount to the newer version. Existing users who purchased previous versions of Bynari's client will get an additional discount by registering their products and watching for the product announcement on our web page."

Version 3.0 of the client and the server provide some significant advancements over version 2.x in that they address user requests and features such as:
*A new look and feel compatible with a variety of desktop environments

*Server side calendar coordination

*Client mailing list management

*Native support on Linux, Solaris and AIX

*A carbonized version for Macintosh OS X and 9.x

*A native version for the Win32 platform

"Bynari has marketed Exchange client compatibility since Outlook 98. Our first versions provided a connector which received stiff opposition from Exchange administrators," adds Tom Adelstein. "Our latest solutions stand alone without a need to proxy off a Microsoft box and it still handles meeting requests, shared tasks, journals and automates calendar functions. We've always had demand from Unix users in Exchange environments. Now, we're seeing increased demand as the Linux desktop catches hold."

Bynari's terms and conditions for one to receive a free copy of Insight client 2.6 says the following:
Under the terms of this offer, a user may install the Bynari client after downloading and registering at between now and January 31, 2002. At time of registration and within 24 hours the user will be sent a key to allow the software to be installed on their computer. While this offer is not limited to any specific number per enterprise, it will require each unique user to register directly with Bynari.

Users will find on-line support in Bynari's knowledge base available on the website.

About Bynari Inc.
A privately held company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Bynari Inc. develops and markets enterprise solutions, which provide platform interoperability, server consolidations and alternatives to close, proprietary software. Earlier in the year, Bynari wrote a version of its Insight Server for IBM's zSeries and S/390 Linux eServers. The Company has lead the way to scalable, low-cost, high-availability e-mail and collaboration solutions for Linux and a number of different operating environments including those mentioned above.
Bynari Insight Server presents an attractive messaging and collaboration solution for organizations running Linux on the mainframe, and for any company moving away from proprietary standards and exploiting the benefits of commercial Unix/Linux platforms. Insight offers a rich environment among different e-mail clients and also provides a bridge between Unix/Linux workstations and Microsoft desktops.

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