January 30, 2002

Bynari's InsightConnector increases corporate profitability

Author: JT Smith

Today, senior officials of Bynari, Inc. say they released a third party plug-in for
Microsoft® Outlook which will change the way organizations communicate and deliver software to the desktop while reducing costs
as much as 70 percent. Bynari sees that peaking the interests of corporations' top management. Bynari's CTO, Tom Adelstein says,
"I see this going right past the IT bottleneck and into the corporate bank account and bottom line."

The makers of InsightConnector intend to significantly replace Microsoft(R) Exchange with Internet class mail servers including their
own. InsightConnector and the growing popularity of SMTP provide the enabling technologies for what Adelstein calls the Internet
mail segment. The market for SMTP mail servers has grown exponentially over the last two years on Linux and Microsoft servers.
Bynari sees its product allowing their market segment to grow faster while grabbing a chunk of Microsoft's market and their .NET

"In the early planning stages," says Tom Adelstein, "we intended to only bundle InsightConnector with our Linux messaging and
collaboration server. As we began testing we found that it also worked with a number of our competitors' offerings. With such a large
installed base of Outlook, we feel the faster our space grows, the more we will benefit. Competition validates product entries."

Unbundled, InsightConnector provides a far reach into the messaging and collaboration space. Instead of using a proprietary
alternative, such as someone else's Calendar server, Bynari uses objects generated by Outlook. InsightConnector bundled with
Bynari's flagship product, InsightServer(tm), allows the install base of Outlook to remain in place while improving scalability,
availability and significantly reducing costs. Migration requires little, if any, help desk support.

Freedom of Choice

"We see a large addressable market for our products, especially now that we can offer Outlook users a true alternative," says
Adelstein. "Many IT departments have searched for a way to replace Exchange while keeping Outlook. They've had little luck.
Other developers have tried to fancy solutions while getting only part of the answer. Those IT departments and developers now have
the technology they need."

Bynari's InsightServer Running on Linux and IBM®

Bynari's InsightServer surfaced last year on an IBM mainframe compiled for Equant, Inc., the largest global provider of IP
networking. On June 12th 2001, IBM announced that Winnebago Industries, Inc implemented Bynari InsightServer on an IBM
eServer mainframe for messaging and collaboration. Winnebago Industries, Inc. chose Bynari Insight Server after learning it could
save significantly on software licensing costs while benefiting from the unmatched reliability of the IBM mainframe.

"After the Winnebago articles," says Adelstein, "we heard from many of the Global 2000 wanting to put their mail and messaging on
reliable IBM S/390 and zSeries mainframes. They wanted and in some cases required centralized control over their data. They had
large installed user bases of Outlook. They needed to centralize their data, control their growing server farms while maintaining their
messaging capabilities. We've found this dilemma surfacing over and over."

Bynari's success working with IBM customers led Bynari to make their product available to the IBM eServer xSeries in "Value
Bundles" which include Red Hat 7.2 or SuSE 7.2, a Bynari Insight Mail Server, and two xSeries (one primary, one backup). Bynari
Inc. will work with IBM and its business partners to sell, deliver, and support Bynari Insight Server 3.0 which includes

"We see IBM making Linux the workhorse of the messaging infrastructure," says Adelstein. "I just don't know how we could have
climbed the hill before we made InsightConnector available. The plug-in completes the equation and finally provides a cost efficient
solution for small to medium sized businesses or SMB's as well as global enterprises."

About Bynari Inc.

Bynari is a privately held company headquartered in Dallas. The company designs, develops and markets Open Standards-based
software products based on Linux servers for Microsoft desktops, providing advanced messaging, e-mail and workgroup
collaboration capabilities. For more information about Bynari, visit http://www.bynari.net.

Bynari's InsightConnector(tm) Version 1.0 whitepaper can be found at http://www.bynari.net.whitepapers.html

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