December 14, 2005

Bytware Brings Anti-Virus to Linux/AIX Partitions

Bytware, Inc. writes "December 5, 2005 (Reno, Nevada) -- Bytware, Inc. ( a global authority on virus and malware vulnerabilities, announced today a new addition to its award-winning StandGuard Anti-Virus product that allows users to safely and securely scan and clean Linux and AIX partitions running on IBM eServer iSeries and i5 systems.

Linux, like all platforms, is susceptible to hosting and spreading viruses and malicious code; and today’s security requirements demand protection on all operating systems within a network. With this new solution, Bytware gives iSeries users who are taking advantage of the box’s ability to run multiple operating systems in multiple partitions a key tool needed to ensure that their iSeries and network stay free of malicious code.

Support for scanning and cleaning Linux and AIX partitions is now an added functionality of the StandGuard Anti-Virus for iSeries product and provides users with the convenience of a single set of virus definition files and a centralized control center for all OS/400, i5/OS, Linux, and AIX installs on a single eServer box. StandGuard Anti-Virus will automatically mount and unmount guest operating systems for unattended, scheduled scans eliminating the need to install copies on each individual partition. With this added functionality, StandGuard Anti-Virus users enjoy the most streamlined virus protection system available for managing all aspects of their iSeries system using the safety and integrity of OS/400 and i5/OS.

By using OS/400 or i5/OS to manage and initiate scanning and cleaning of Linux and AIX partitions, users can reduce the risk of Linux and UNIX viruses migrating to OS/400 partitions while leveraging McAfee’s industry-leading scanning engine to provide the same level of protection across all operating systems on the iSeries.

Support for scanning and cleaning Linux and AIX partitions is licensed on a usage count basis to allow users the flexibility to scan the operating systems and number of installs that best fits their system configuration. For details on licensing options, please contact Bytware Sales at 775.851.2900 x2. For more information on StandGuard Anti-Virus and support for Linux and AIX scanning, please visit"


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