May 16, 2001

Ca Linux Systems embraces freeVSD

Author: JT Smith

Zoe Knipe writes: Ca Linux Systems Global Services has made the decision to deploy GPL virtual web hosting environment freeVSD (, the UK originated opensource project, to manage a large volume of its client accounts. freeVSD is an advanced web-hosting platform for ISPs, educational institutions and other large organisations, created under the GPL. It allows multiple Virtual Servers to be created on a single hosting server, each with a separate and secure web-hosting environment. The objective of freeVSD is to reduce an ISP's hardware outlay and also lower the cost of support due to delegated administration.

Kevin Druet, CIO for Ca Linux, explains ?Technically speaking, our services encompass, Email to fax, Fax to email, Security Consulting, Operating System Development, Remote Server Administration, Disaster Recovery Systems Implementation, Data Warehousing, and RDMS development.

?We have already put 400 domains and 1100 users onto our freeVSD servers. That is an immediate indicator of what we think of this virtual web hosting platform. Within the next year we would expect to put all our hosting clients on our freeVSD servers.

?FreeVSD allows us to divide each server into many properly separate and secure virtual servers. We saw the product as an administration tool. We wanted to provide true virtual services to our clients, and the BSD VKERN solution did not look like what we wanted. We have identified the best implementation for our particular production server situation and, when fully deployed, expect it to improve our commercial margins. Effectively, we are providing the client with what they feel to be a colocate.

?If I were to summarise the advantages which we will gain from using freeVSD, I would point to increased margins, ultimately lower admin costs, increased security, and the ability to reach a wider market (particularly SMEs).

?Over time, we feel that freeVSD will port to most other distributions. We are taking an active part in that drive. Our Developer team has just released a Debian port - still in test mode - which is nevertheless running trouble free on our production servers. We do not intend to change that situation. I have made the source available under the GPL and have provided the FreeVSD user list with the link to download it.

As a result of the Debian port, we have over 90% of our clients on a FreeVSD server and the remaining 10% are simply awaiting permission from our clients to move them to the Debian-ported freeVSD.?

About freeVSD
freeVSD is an opensource project sponsored by Idaya ltd ( Since launch, there have been in the region of 200 downloads of freeVSD each month from developers and ISPs across the USA, Latin America, Europe, Russia, Asia and Australasia. It is estimated that more than 25 ISPs are already using freeVSD commercially, whilst 150 ISPs are currently implementing or testing the software. Much positive feedback has already been received from almost 2000 software developers and ISPs.

About Ca Linux Systems Global Services
Ca Linux Systems Global Services ( offers its clients in Canada and internationally a comprehensive expertise in Linux Open Source Solutions and Internet Infrastructure. The company provides a Canada-wide network of Internet servers on multiple high-speed Internet connections. This ensures that client?s Internet applications are available 24 hours per day 7 days a week (the company guarantees 99% uptime). As well as hosting services, Ca Linux Systems provides a wide array of web enabling technologies. It is the company?s belief that because Linux is open source, it offers unmatched control, flexibility and reliability, allowing Ca Linux Systems to more precisely match clients? technology requirements and constraints. Ca Linux also provides clients with on site Canadian Linux Certified Technician (CLCT) programs for A+ technicians throughout North America."

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