January 11, 2002

Cable & Wireless Germany releases OpenPKG 1.0

Author: JT Smith

Ralf S. Engelschall writes: "A flexible and powerful software packaging facility, OpenPKG eases
installation and administration of Unix software across several
platforms. It primarily targets the Unix platforms FreeBSD, Linux
and Solaris, but is portable across mostly all modern Unix flavors.
Consolidating different vendor approaches into a unified architecture,
it assists in administration of large networks previously complicated by
nonconformant systems.
OpenPKG leverages proven technologies like Red Hat Package Manager (RPM)
and neatly provides an additional system layer on top of the operating
system. It is a fully self-contained with minimal external dependencies
(no RPM pre-installation required), and installs itself by means of a
tricky bootstrapping procedure with minimal operating system intrusion.
OpenPKG especially supports multiple installation instances on the same

The official press release you can find here at OpenPKG.org."

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