CableLabs Announces Two Open Source Projects for NFV


SNAPS is an overarching program at CableLabs to facilitate the adoption of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) within the CableLabs’ community. The organization says it spearheaded SNAPS to fill in gaps within open source to ease the adoption of SDN and NFV for its cable members.

CableLabs hinted in October that it was planning to launch an open source group. At that time, we speculated that the open source project would be related to its SNAPS initiative. SNAPS stands for “SDN/NFV Application development Platform and Stack.” CableLabs had previously done some software development it called SNAPS-OO. It gave that code to the OPNFV project a couple of months ago.

This week CableLabs announced two new open source projects: SNAPS-Boot and SNAPS-OpenStack installer

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