November 24, 2005

CAcert root included in Nokia 770

Evaldo Gardenali writes "Nokia has included the root certificate of CAcert into its new Internet Tablet 770. This makes it possible to use secure websites, encrypt and digitally sign emails with the free certificates from
CAcert is a certification authority based in Australia that is issuing free SSL certificates worldwide for individuals and organizations.
CAcert operates a worldwide network of more than 4000 Assurers who are verifying the identies according to the 4 eyes principle, to have a high level of verification. It is spreading at a high pace throughout the world.
The aim of CAcert is to enable privacy for the Internet, and it is committed to high standards regarding security and verification.
After Knoppix, Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu, and a couple of other Linux(R) distributions, Nokia is the first commercial vendor to approve CAcert for mass-market products now.
Meanwhile CAcert is currently undergoing intensive audits by Mozilla and three other auditors to be included into the major browsers."


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