August 28, 2001

Caldera and Intel develop Open Source debugger for FORTRAN 95

Author: JT Smith

From a press release posted at Business Wire: "Caldera International Inc. (Nasdaq: CALD) Tuesday announced its Professional Services group will work with Intel
to develop support of FORTRAN 95 for both IA32 and the Intel(R) Itanium(TM) Architecture in the GNU Debugger (GDB).
Working with Intel, Caldera Professional Services is developing and testing code, which will be open sourced and made available to the official GDB tree.
Upon its completion, the GDB code will enable FORTRAN compiler customers to debug all FORTRAN applications effectively. Previously, users of GDB have only been
able to debug some FORTRAN applications. The enhanced GDB will also accelerate FORTRAN application porting to Pentium and Itanium processors by speeding up the
debugging process."


  • Open Source
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