Caldera becomes ‘largest Linux company in the world’


Author: JT Smith

We only posted a story earlier, but some of you might be interested in the press release at In it, Caldera claims to be the world’s largest Linux company now, with its acquisition of parts of SCO. “Caldera Systems, Inc.
(Nasdaq: CALD) today announced its completion
of the acquisition of The Santa Cruz Operation,
Inc. (SCO) (Nasdaq: SCOC) Server Software and
Professional Services divisions, UnixWare and
OpenServer technologies. Caldera International,
Inc., thus becomes the largest Linux company in
the world with sales, support and marketing
representation in 82 countries. In addition,
Caldera now leads the world’s largest Linux
channel with 15,000+ resellers worldwide.
Application and hardware solution providers
will now have a single Linux company that can
facilitate the marketing and delivery of these
business solutions to all major markets