August 16, 2002

Caldera eSTREET for Partners and Developers, August edition

Adrienne Lee sends us the Caldera eSTREET for Partners and Developers -- August 2002 Edition. Read more below.

In August's edition:

* Caldera Executive Message - Caldera Today
* Caldera GEOFORUM 2002 - Valuable Information For You in Las Vegas!
* Caldera Product Announcements - Partnerships, Volution Messaging Server & UNIX
* Partner Spotlight - Borland Software Corporation
* Solutions Showcase CD - Looking For That Missing Piece to Your Solution?
* Technical Corner - Top 10 Technical Articles
* Caldera Partner Program - Partner Logos, Solutions Directory and More
* Made For Caldera - New Solutions From Caldera Partners
* Global Caldera - Update on Regional GEOFORUM Events

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Caldera Executive Message - Caldera Today
On June 27, 2002, I joined Caldera International, Inc. as President and CEO. During this first month, I have spent a good amount of time talking to employees, customers and partners. I have been looking for assets that we can leverage in the marketplace to gain maximum impact and continue the Caldera tradition of excellence. My initial findings are very encouraging and I wanted to share them with you at this time.

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Caldera GEOFORUM 2002 - Valuable Information For You in Las Vegas!

Taking place in Las Vegas, August 25-27, GEOFORUM is the place to hear from Caldera's new President and CEO, Darl McBride, as well as get more information on the products and services you love. Featuring break-out sessions and keynote addresses from Caldera executives and partners, you are sure to gather great information about Caldera and its commitment to our partners and developers.

Check out all the information about GEOFORUM... re.html
Caldera Product Announcements - Partnerships, Volution Messaging Server, and UNIX

As Darl McBride's message states, Caldera is aggressively pursuing all avenues of opportunity. Partnerships, products and industry information will continue to be improved upon and sent to you. Here's some information for August:

** Caldera Announces Partnership with Conectiva **
** Volution Messaging Server Release 1.1 - More Features! **
** Lower Pricing for Online Data Manager - Open UNIX 8 & UnixWare 7 **
More information can be found here... html

Partner Spotlight - Borland Software Corporation

Borland Software Corporation is a leading provider of technology used to develop, deploy, and integrate software applications across the enterprise. Based on the flagship award-winning C++ and Delphi environments, Borland revolutionizes Linux development, delivering a high-productivity Rapid Application Development (RAD) solution. Kylix brings the advantages of RAD, with integrated native compilers and debuggers, for fast and simple Linux development. With visual two-way tools and hundreds of pre-built, customizable components and classes, Kylix lets you streamline application design and development, and build high-performance database, GUI, Web, and Web Services applications-fast.

Borland will be presenting a one-day Kylix training seminar at Caldera GEOFORUM. Learn how you can dramatically reduce your development time with the #1 Linux IDE at this special training event. More information can be found at html

Solutions Showcase CD - Looking for that Missing Piece to Your Solution?
What has 16 products and contains another piece to your solution? The Solutions Showcase CD from the Caldera Developer Network.

Looking for an enterprise-system relational database, or maybe a thin client server? What about backup and restore software? If you are looking for any of these or even another solution, you will find it on the Solutions Showcase CD.

The Solutions Showcase CD contains evaluation and demo software from 16 of Caldera's partners. In addition, you will find all the marketing, sales and technical documentation you need to help you through the buying cycle.

Check out the Solutions Showcase CD today and discover the answer to your solution needs! .html

Technical Corner - Top 10 Technical Articles

Is there an issue that you just can't seem to find the workaround for? Have you checked the Support Knowledge Center available through Partner Online, one of your benefits as a Caldera Partner? Check out the Top 10 Technical Articles for the last month.

Your answer is right here! html

Caldera Partner Program - Solutions Directory, Services & Logos

The Caldera Partner Program is continually working to create more value for our Developer and Solutions Partners. This section of eSTREET details some of the many benefits that you will find through the Partner Programs.

** Find Your Solution in the Caldera Solutions Directory **
** Caldera Services - Providing Value for You **
** Partner Program Logos - Update Yours Today! **

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Made for Caldera - New Solutions From Caldera Partners

Check out the new solutions in the Solutions Directory. Our partners
have definitely been busy in the last month creating new solutions for
Caldera platforms -- more than xx in software applications and hundreds of hardware devices!

Here's the list of last month's solutions for you! html

Global Caldera - Regional GEOFORUM Events

Caldera has found success with our new GEOFORUM format. Each region has experienced fabulous attendance and great product demonstrations, breakout sessions and keynotes from Caldera and our partners. Below you will find reports from several of Caldera's regions regarding their individual success with GEOFORUM.

Take a look at the Caldera regional events... l.html

The Caldera Partner Program Team is dedicated to listening to our partners and creating the program that best works for you. Please provide us with your thoughts regarding the program. We want the program to work for you!

Amy Roberts
Caldera Partner Program

Caldera Legal Information


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