June 14, 2002

Caldera eSTREET for Partners & Developers, June edition

Paul Hatch writes:
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June's eSTREET for Partners and Developers features the new 2002 Solutions Showcase CD. With strong partners and flexible, robust applications and hardware covering a wide-range of business needs, the solution you need is easy to find. Discover the right solution for you from these Caldera partners!
http://www.caldera.com/partners/estreet/0206/solcd . tml

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In June's edition:

* Caldera Executive Message - Simplification and UnitedLinux
* 'Powered by UnitedLinux' - Info, Partners and Press
* GEOFORUM - Powerful Choices and Value for You
* Caldera Product Announcements - OpenLinux 3.1.1, Beta Tests, and Linux Materials
* North America Channel Partner Contest Reminder
* Partner Spotlight - Acucorp Inc.
* Solutions Showcase CD - New Solutions for You
* Technical Corner - More XML, Tips and Information
* Caldera Partner Program - Solutions Directory, Services, & Education
* Made For Caldera - New Solutions From Caldera Partners
* Caldera News - Articles, News and More

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Caldera Executive Message - Simplification and UnitedLinux

Benoy Tamang, the VP of Strategic Development at Caldera International, Inc., explains Caldera's simplification strategy and the part that UnitedLinux will play.

Read on for Benoy's complete message...
http://www.caldera.com/partners/estreet/0206/exec. html

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'Powered by UnitedLinux' - Info, Partners and Press

UnitedLinux, a standards-based Linux operating system targeted at the business user, brings together the knowledge and expertise of four leading Linux vendors - Caldera International, SuSE, Conectiva, and TurboLinux. Creating the most functional, highest quality Linux OS, UnitedLinux provides you with more applications and hardware than could be offered by one vendor.

Discover the features and benefits of UnitedLinux...
http://www.caldera.com/partners/estreet/0206/ul.ht ml

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GEOFORUM - Powerful Choices and Value for You

The North American GEOFORUM event is taking place August 25-27 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand Hotel. Featuring classes and presentations focused on business, technology and development, GEOFORUM will be the event to attend this year to learn Caldera's direction, what the Volution family of products can do to enhance your success and how UnitedLinux will
impact Linux as a whole.

Want more information about GEOFORUM? Click here...
http://www.caldera.com/partners/estreet/0206/forum . tml

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Caldera Product Announcements

Caldera continually works to provide the highest-quality, most robust products for our partners and customers. This continues with this month's information on OpenLinux 3.1.1, the current and upcoming beta tests, and the availability of Linux Training Materials.

Read on for more information...
http://www.caldera.com/partners/estreet/0206/prod. html

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North America Channel Partner Contest Reminder

Don't forget -- Seating is limited on Newport Beach this August and we want you to have one of those seats! Winners will be selected in 3 categories and will be accompanied by one guest and your Caldera Channel Sales Manager to Newport Beach, August 22-25. For more information, go to:

http://www.caldera.com/partners/estreet/0206/q3.ht ml

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Partner Spotlight - Acucorp - The New Face of Cobol

Acucorp, Inc. is a leading provider of application development solutions that solve mission-critical business issues. Acucorp's innovative software solutions provide unparalleled interoperability and portability to more Caldera OpenLinux, Open UNIX 8, UnixWare® 7, and SCO OpenServer platforms at a lower risk and a lower total cost of ownership than
other alternatives.

Discover the Acucorp extend(TM)5 family of solutions today!
http://www.caldera.com/partners/estreet/0206/spot. html

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Solutions Showcase CD - New Solutions for You!

A new Solutions Showcase CD is ready to provide you with the high-quality, robust solutions you need to be successful. Creating the complete solution with hardware, Caldera platform, and applications, you have numerous options to choose from according to your needs. Additionally, Caldera continues to add to the solutions already found within the Solutions Directory. You will find these 16 solutions, as well as thousands more, in the Solutions Directory.

Order a Solutions Showcase CD today!
http://www.caldera.com/partners/estreet/0206/solcd . tml

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Technical Corner - More XML, Tips and Information to Help You

Need some information on standardizing XML and Java, or more information on the File and Print capabilities with Samba? This month's Technical Corner can help you with both.

Continue on for more technical help from Caldera...
http://www.caldera.com/partners/estreet/0206/tech. html

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Caldera Partner Program - Solutions Directory, Services & Education

Looking for more Caldera-compatible applications and hardware to complete the solution for you and your customers? Look no further than the Solutions Directory. In addition, take a look at the updates provided by Caldera Global Services and participate in the new Discussion Forums.

Click here for more information...
http://www.caldera.com/partners/estreet/0205/part. html

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Made for Caldera - New Solutions From Caldera Partners

Check out the new solutions in the Solutions Directory. Our partners have definitely been busy in the last month creating new solutions for Caldera platforms.

http://www.caldera.com/partners/estreet/0206/made. html

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The Caldera Partner Program Team is dedicated to listening to our partners and creating the program that best works for you. Please provide us with your thoughts regarding the program. We want the program to work for you!

Amy Roberts
Caldera Partner Program

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