May 10, 2002

Caldera eSTREET for Partners -- May 2002 Edition

Paul Hatch writes: "Caldera eSTREET Newsletter -- May 2002 Edition.
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In May's edition:

* Caldera Executive Message - Caldera Forum 2002: Bigger and Better Than Ever
* Caldera Forum 2002 - Bigger and Better Than Ever
* Compaq-Caldera Complete Solution
* Caldera Product Announcements
* Partner Spotlight - Adaptec, Inc.
* Solutions Showcase CD - Order One FREE Today!
* Technical Corner - Developing with XML, Tips and More
* Caldera Partner Program - Solutions Directory and Services Updates
* Made For Caldera - New Solutions From Caldera Partners
* Caldera News - Articles, News and More

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Caldera Executive Message - Caldera Forum 2002: Bigger and Better Than Ever

Curt Porritt, Director of Corporate Strategy and Business Development announces the next chapter in Caldera Forum. Due to the worldwide demand for Caldera solutions, Forum 2002 will take place in various geographies around the world. Due to the geographical nature of these events, we have decided to refer to Forum this year as 'GeoForum.' html

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Caldera GeoForum - Powerful Choices for Caldera Partners

As Caldera International looks for ways to engage our partners around the world, a new format for Forum is taking shape. As mentioned by Curt Porritt in this month's Executive Message we are bringing Forum to you through the new 'GeoForum' format.

Get more details about this exciting change! . tml

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Compaq-Caldera Complete Solution

How do two companies create the necessary partnership to help a war-torn nation modernize itself? The key is found in the relationships that begin at the top.

Explore the Compaq-Caldera story as it relates to Bosnia-Herzegovina. q.html

Sponsored by Compaq

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Caldera Product Announcements - Volution, Platforms and Services

Get more information on the plans for Volution Manager to manage even more operating systems, for the Open UNIX 8 beta and the Caldera Global Services wins this past week! Plus, read a letter from Ransom Love regarding Caldera's commitment to SCO OpenServer from Caldera. html

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Partner Spotlight - Adaptec, Inc.

Adaptec is the I/O leader in providing highly available storage access solutions that reliably move, manage and protect critical data and digital content. To achieve the highest quality, reliability and compatibility, Adaptec works closely with partners like Caldera to ensure a tight integration of interoperability between the hardware and software.

Learn more about Adaptec and it's partnership with Caldera. html

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Solutions Showcase CD - Order One FREE Today!

The Caldera Developer Network is continually looking for ways to pull complete solutions together. One way we offer our partners these solutions is through the Solutions Showcase CD. With applications from some of our top partners, Caldera is helping to create the full solution for you and your customers. Order a free Solutions Showcase CD today and begin to explore more solutions from Caldera's partners. . tml

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Technical Corner - Developing with XML, Tips and More!

Are you looking for ways to utilize XML, searching for the right development system for Caldera platforms, or just need some help with the installation headaches you've been getting?

Take a look at this month's Technical Corner for help. html

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Caldera Partner Program - Solutions Directory, Services & Certification

Is your listing in the Solutions Directory up-to-date? Take a look today, explore the latest updates from Caldera Global Services, and find out the latest about the certification tests from Caldera. html

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Made for Caldera - New Solutions From Caldera Partners

Check out the new solutions in the Solutions Directory. Our partners have definitely been busy in the last month creating new solutions for Caldera platforms. Take a look at this month's sample of new solutions! html

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Caldera News - Articles, News and More

Caldera's been receiving some great press lately through product reviews, our own announcements and new success stories. Take a look at the latest news about Caldera, our partners, and our products. html

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The Caldera Partner Program Team is dedicated to listening to our partners and creating the program that best works for you. Please provide us with your thoughts regarding the program. We want the program to work for you!

Amy Roberts
Caldera Partner Program

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