April 23, 2002

Caldera refreshes Unix and Linux certification tracks

Caldera Education Services, a practice of Caldera International, Inc. (Nasdaq: CALD) Global Services, has expanded its certification program by adding industry-standard Linux certification tracks, including Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Level 1 and CompTIA Linux+ certifications. Caldera's certifications offer IT professionals the latest industry-standard education opportunities for both Linux and UNIX. The expanded certification program also refreshes OpenServer and UnixWare/Open UNIX 8 certification tracks.

The certification program incorporates three levels:
Certified System Administrator (CSA), formerly known as CUSA;
Advanced Certified Engineer (ACE);
Master ACE.

Each level now includes a Linux and UNIX tracks and has one exam or more.

"IT professionals who complete their CSA, ACE and Master ACE certifications will increase tremendously the value they provide to their organizations. Additionally, they will find more diverse job opportunities and gain competitive advantages through these highly-developed competencies," said David Acheson, director of Education Services, Caldera. "Our tracks are industry-standardized, which is critical to today's IT professionals and employers when it
comes to Linux and UNIX expertise."

Because of the synergy between Linux and UNIX, shell programming has
been added to the ACE certification track. Caldera?s Linux track adopts
industry-standard certifications and incorporates the latest courseware,
including the recently announced Caldera OpenLearning Courseware for
Linux. All Caldera OpenLearning Providers around the globe are
equipped to help certification candidates complete their certification, and many of the Providers are Prometric and VUE testing centers. This allows the candidates the convenience of taking the exams at the OpenLearning Provider's site.

"Caldera demonstrates time and time again its commitment to industry
standards," said Chuck Mead, president, LPI. "The inclusion of LPI industry-standard certifications into their certification tracks exponentially benefits the education of the students and IT professionals involved."

While CSA and ACE candidates can certify to be either Linux or UNIX
competent, Master ACE graduates will prove both Linux and UNIX competencies, in accordance with industry-standard education.

"Considering how complementary Linux and UNIX technologies are, Caldera
is ingenious for offering a certification track that qualifies candidates to operate in both," said Brian Lewis, Linux and UNIX instructor and owner of Shogomoc Systems in Minneapolis, Minn. "Intense, yet worth the effort from both instructor and student, Caldera offers premium Linux and UNIX education training for Master ACE candidates."

Please visit http://www.caldera.com/education to learn more about Caldera Education Services.

Caldera Education
Caldera Education Services, which is one of Caldera Global Services'
(http://www.caldera.com/services) practices, provides courses designed
to meet the demands of IT professionals who need to get Linux solutions up and running within their business environments. A variety of courses are available through the global network of Caldera OpenLearning
Providers. Caldera Education offers you a choice for your education needs. Whether you need classroom instruction, access to on-line
learning or other self-paced training, Caldera Education solutions provide UNIX? and Linux? platforms training options to fit your requirements.

Caldera International, Inc.
Caldera International (Nasdaq: CALD) provides "Powerful Choices" for
businesses through its UNIX, Linux and Volution product lines and services. Based in Lindon, UT, Caldera has representation in 82 countries and 16,000+ resellers worldwide. Caldera Global Services provides reliable localized support and services to partners and customers. For more information on Caldera products and services, visit http://www.caldera.com.

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