November 17, 2000

Caldera Systems Linux certifies Boss Commerce Pro

Author: JT Smith

Independent web application
developer Boss Design announced that Caldera Systems
Linux has certified the Boss Commerce Pro v3.0 flagship
product as the first e-commerce software to run on Open-Linux
eDesktop 2.4 and eServer 2.3.

The open-source architecture of Boss Commerce Pro v3.0? makes
it a fully customizable solution that gives users the freedom
to modify code to meet their unique applications. Designed to
mould to each site's unique architecture, Boss Commerce? can
empower hundreds of stores from one server license.

CEO and founder Phil Whittemore called his software "an ideal
solution for ISPs or any company wanting a robust open-source
e-commerce solution for any major platform, now also including
both versions of Caldera Systems Linux." Because of its
unique flexibility, Whittemore says, "If you can imagine it,
you can probably do it with Boss Commerce."

Boss Design's Paul Neyman, VP and spokesman for this rapidly
growing Austin company, said that "Instead of having to adapt
your unique site to the software's constraints, Boss Commerce?
moulds to your plan and gives you the industry's widest
latitude for customizing code to your specific needs."

The system was tested using OpenLinux eDesktop 2.4 running
Apache Web Server and MySQL Database.

Main features include unlimited number of products; unlimited
searches by part number, keyword, or category; member login
that prefills information; completely open source code; and
multiplatform flexibility. Unique features include
administrator settable use of states, territories, provinces,
countries and Armed Forces addresses.

Open flexibility means that Boss Commerce Pro v3.0 is not a
template- or wizard-driven package with fill-in-the-blanks
implementation. Taking advantage of its flexible options
requires a working knowledge of server setup, ODBC data
sources, and HTML to customize and maintain.

Boss Commerce Pro v3.0 runs on a variety of computer platforms
-- WindowsNT/Windows2000, HPUX, Linux, and Solaris -- and
requires a ColdFusion Server Pro (minimum v4.0). It works
with Microsoft SQL 7.0/2000, Oracle 8, IBM's DB2, MySQL,
Microsoft Access Database, or any ODBC-compliant database.
One-time license fee per server is $1,699 for as many stores
as the server can handle (vs. typically 5 stores from its
major competitors).

Boss Commerce Pro v3.0 is designed to compete favorably with
major e-commerce competitors: AbleCommerce Store-Building
Software®, Microsoft Site Server, and IBM WebSphere.

PRESS SECTION (Spec Sheet, Company Overview, Graphics)
is available here.
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Whittemore founded Boss Design as a private web design firm in
1995 before the Internet became a national passion. His focus
shifted to customer web application development by December
1998 with release of Boss Commerce v1.0. Boss Design has
been doubling sales every year since its inception. Company
headquarters are in Austin, Texas, one of the fastest-growing
IT centers in the U.S. The company's business model nurtures
a virtual network of IT specialists spread around the country
instead of gathered inside traditional corporate headquarters.

Whittemore also serves as CTO for two companies: Enaro, a
European e-commerce solutions company in Amsterdam, and, formed by LPGA professional Kelley
Brooke. He formerly worked as a stunt pilot and expert
mechanic for Ferraris and Lotus Cars, while maintaining a passion for big
game fishing.

See the company's web site for complete PRESS KIT, including a
spec sheet, downloadable PDF documents, plus photos and
graphics formatted for both the web and print publications.
User references available on request. For more info contact
Paul Neyman, VP (see contact numbers at top of this release).

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Boss Design and Boss Commerce Pro v3.0? are U.S. tradenames
and trademarks. All rights reserved worldwide. All other
trademarks noted in this release are property of their
respective owners.
-Paul Neyman

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