Is Caldera the world’s biggest Linux company?


Author: JT Smith

ZDNET: “And the world’s biggest Linux company is…Caldera Systems. While
Red Hat would disagree and you could argue for IBM, with its broad
Linux support, Caldera has its own case. Caldera’s purchase of the
Santa Cruz Operation’s (SCO) Server Software and Professional
Services Divisions gives it a combined Unix/Linux and reseller
presence far greater than its pure Linux play competitors.

Some think, however, that Caldera, now Caldera International, is no
longer a Linux company as such. Al Gillen, International Data Corp’s
research manager for systems software says, “They can call
themselves anything they want, but I don’t know if they’re really a
Linux company. I think of them now as a platform company like IBM
or HP.” Still Ransom Love, Caldera’s CEO says that Caldera’s goal,
“…is to make Linux on industry standard hardware the alternative
business platform.”


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