April 24, 2002

Caldera's Volution Manager to include support for Windows, IBM zSeries, wireless

Caldera International, Inc. (Nasdaq: CALD)
today announced its plans to expand Caldera Volution Manager to include
support for the major platforms found in heterogeneous network
environments of small to medium businesses and enterprise replicated branch
offices. Volution Manager is a secure, Web-based, systems management
solution that reduces the cost of deploying and managing applications and
operating systems on workstations, servers and network devices. The
planned product roadmap for Volution Manager benefits enterprise businesses
with branch offices, resellers with multi-platform customers, and
organizations with point-of-sale (POS) terminals and wireless and mobile

The expanded Volution Manager product roadmap provides for
management of:

  • Windows
  • AIX
  • HP-UX
  • Solaris
  • IBM eServer zSeries
  • Point-of-sale (POS) terminals
  • Wireless and mobile devices

Benefits of Expanded Platform Support
For the enterprise, expanded platform support on Volution Manager
simplifies software distribution and enables easy updates to many locations
and platforms. For resellers, broadening platforms gives much-requested
support for Windows, enables management of existing customer
environments and adds additional value to reseller services. For customers
managing point-of-sale, wireless and mobile devices, Volution Manager
facilitates software distribution to thousands of devices in remote locations,
easily creating system uniformity.

"Caldera's move to extend support of Volution Manager beyond Linux and
Caldera UNIX to heterogeneous environments stems from the requests our
customers continue to make - they value Volution Manager and want to
use it throughout their network," said Drew Spencer, CTO, Caldera.
"Whether pushing updates out to thousands of POS terminals or managing a
multi-state and multi-platform network, systems administrators will soon
have the manageability and control that has become synonymous with
Volution Manager."

"As a solutions provider, we are faced with the increasingly difficult
task of helping our customers manage multiple platforms," said Deepak
Thadani, president of SysIntegrators, LLC. "Our customers are demanding
a solution exactly like the one Caldera is creating. By extending
support of Volution Manager to the Windows platform as well as major UNIX
systems and wireless and mobile devices, Caldera is providing a greatly
needed solution for stabilizing and simplifying IT management and

Early access for Volution Manager on Solaris and IBM eServer zSeries
will be available at http://www.caldera.com/products/beta/ by the end of
May, and early access for Volution Manager on Windows is expected by
Fall 2002. For more information on Volution Manager, please visit

Caldera International, Inc.
Caldera International (Nasdaq: CALD) provides "Powerful Choices" for
businesses through its UNIX, Linux and Volution product lines and
services. Based in Lindon, UT, Caldera has representation in 82 countries and
16,000+ resellers worldwide. Caldera Global Services provides reliable
localized support and services to partners and customers. For more
information on Caldera products and services, visit http://www.caldera.com.

About SysIntegrators, LLC
SysIntegrators, LLC is Caldera's Premier Partner in the New York Metro
Area, providing expert support and services to businesses with their
technology needs. Specializing in UNIX, Linux, Windows NT/2000,
Tarantella, SonicWALL Firewalls and Cisco Routers, SysIntegrators, LLC is the
place to turn to for your support and technology needs. For more
information on the many services offered by SysIntegrators, LLC, please visit
their Web site: http://www.sysintegrators.com/.

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Forward Looking Statements
The statements set forth above include forward-looking statements that
involve risks and uncertainties. The Company wishes to advise readers
that a number of important factors could cause actual results to differ
materially from those in the forward-looking statements. These factors
include the ability of the Company to successfully meet its revenue
projections, which are based in part, on the continued acceptance in the
marketplace of the historical products of the acquired operations; the
ability of the Company to develop and successfully introduce products
integrating its products and services with those historically offered by
the recently acquired operations; the ability of the Company to
continue to manage its cost reductions without adversely affecting customer
service and employee productivity; the ability of recently introduced and
new products to operate as designed, including compatibility with
various platforms in the absence of other defects; the Company's reliance on
developers in the open source community; new and changing technologies
and customer acceptance of those technologies; the Company's ability to
compete effectively with other companies; failure of our brand to
achieve the broad recognition necessary to succeed; unenforceability of the
GNU general public license and other Open Source licenses; our reliance
on third party developers of components of our software offerings;
claims of infringement of third-party intellectual property rights; and
disruption in the Company's distribution sales channel. These and other
factors, which could cause actual results to differ materially, are
discussed in more detail in the Company's filings with the Securities and
Exchange Commission.

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