Calibre 1.2 Packaged for openSUSE


I’m pleased to announce the new calibre package 1.2 for openSUSE.

What’s happened?


English: ({Information | Description= Calibre ...

English: ({Information | Description= Calibre Logo | Source= | Date=02/08/09 | Author= Kovid Goyal }) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New Features


  • Conversion: Add support for the CSS3 rem font size unit
  • MTP devices, such as Android tablets/phones: Allow ignoring any folder on the device, not just top level folders. For newly connected devices, also scan /Android/data/ for books by default (newer versions of the Kindle app place downloaded files there).
  • Speed up sorting when the book list is showing a restricted set of books, such as when the results of a search are displayed or a virtual library is used.
  • Edit metadata dialog: Add an undo option for the Trim cover button.