The Calico Cloud


You know what’s one of the real pains of cloud and container based computing? Networking. Workloads on a cloud come and go faster than you can read this story. Connecting those workloads, especially when they become even more ephemeral containers, is not easy. That’s where the open-source Software Defined Network (SDN) Calico comes in.

SDN enables you to centrally manage and monitor your network across not just routers and switches from a single vendor, but across any hardware that implements standardized SDN protocols. This enables network administrators to create efficient virtual networks independent of the infrastructure.

Calico takes these concepts to the cloud and simplifies them so they can work without a netadmin snapping a whip over the network. Calico does this with a simplified Layer 3 networking model designed for cloud-native applications. It also uses good old Internet Protocol, which makes it simpler than SDN overlay approaches. With it, you can set network policies for your virtual machines (VM)s and containers.

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