January 31, 2002

California Digital launches Linux server business

Author: JT Smith

Douglas Bone writes: California Digital Corporation today announced the launch of its Linux server business. Founded in 1994, California Digital is now shipping ultradense Linux servers and clusters as part of the total Linux solutions it provides to its enterprise clients.

California Digital has purchased assets related to VA Software Corporation's former Linux server business. Previously known as VA Linux Systems, Inc., VA exited the hardware business in August 2001 to focus on its SourceForgeTM collaborative software development platform. Editor's note: VA Software owns NewsForge.

California Digital offers the popular 1220, 2230 and 2241 ultradense Linux servers as originally designed by VA Linux, as well as newer versions incorporating the latest technologies.

California Digital's servers include "Total Linux Coverage"TM - a support package covering both hardware and Linux software. California Digital also provides Linux-based professional services focused on performance, porting, driver and kernel development and configuration, as well as specialized parallel code development.

"California Digital provides comprehensive Linux solutions encompassing hardware, software, and consulting," explains B.J. Arun, California Digital's CEO. "This enables enterprise customers to implement the cost-effective yet robust solutions that Linux-based infrastructure delivers."

California Digital also offers extended warranties, spare parts, and limited technical support to VA's installed server base.

"We're pleased that California Digital is now providing systems, services and support for our former server customer base," said John Villadsen, Vice President of Operations, VA Software.

About California Digital

California Digital provides enterprise customers with Linux solutions including ultradense rack-optimized servers, software support, and Linux-based consulting and development. Information about California Digital, is available at http://www.californiadigital.com or by calling 1-888-LINUX-4-U or email sales@californiadigital.com.

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