October 22, 2003

Call for Open Source Voting Hardware/Software

I am currently seeking funding to start up a non-profit 501 c3 charitable organization to provide unique hardware and software solutions for the
public good. Specifically, I would like to start by building free software and open source backed voting machines with specialized authentication and
verification that would allow for ease in auditing and verifying the usage of such machines by the public. I believe it is a social imperative that we
provide trustworthy and open systems that are not proprietary, nor so obscure that they cannot be widely adopted.

Although the corporation would charge money for the machines and services, the corporation would use its profits to return its profits to the
community in the form of technology grants for other free and open source software projects that benefit the technologically disadvantaged
communities. The one stipulation for all projects so funded is that the software provide must be available to the public and for use by the
corporation to continue driving public infrastructure projects from a software and hardware perspective.

Link: linuxvoodoo.com


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