December 12, 2005

Call For Papers

wizof.oheses writes "The 'First International Workshop on Open Source Software - A Collaboration Platform
for Web Applications', in conjunction with the annual World Wide Web Conference 2006
to be held this coming May in Edinburgh, announces its Call For Papers:

The workshop will bring researchers and industry practitioners together to discuss
the role, state-of-the-art, and best practices of open source software development
in Web-based applications and provide a forum that will help grow a community of
interest in this area.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, case studies describing
experiences with open source development of Web applications; open source
collaboration models, tools, and best practices; how organizations can take
advantage of open source Web applications; use of open source architectures and
toolkits for Web application development such as Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP/Python/Perl
(LAMP), XUL, OpenSSL, etc.; Grid and Web services such as the Globus Alliance and
Globus toolkit; and patents and licenses.

We welcome submissions for the workshop. Please see the workshop Web site for more details."



  • Web Development
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