June 14, 2012

Calling for a New OpenSUSE Development Model

openSUSE release manager Stephan "Coolo" Kulow has put out a call for discussion of a new development model for the distribution at least partly in reaction to the delay in various milestones for 12.2. "openSUSE has grown. We have many interdependent packages in Factory. The problems are usually not in the packages touched, so the package updates work. What's often missing though is the work to fix the other packages that rely on the updated package. We need to do a better job making sure bugs caused by updates of "random packages" generate a working system. Very fortunately we have an increasing number of contributors that update versions or fix bugs in packages, but lately, the end result has been getting worse, not better. And IMO it's because we can’t keep up in the current model." Jos Poortvliet has added his thoughtsas well.

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