November 8, 2002

CAMPSITE 2.1 open source content management system

Douglas Arellanes writes: "Media Development Loan Fund releases Version 2.1 of Open Source CAMPSITE Content-Management System.

For immediate release:

PRAGUE, Czech Republic, 8 November 2002 â The Center for Advanced Media-Prague (CAMP), a division of the Media Development Loan Fund, today announced the release of Version 2.1 of its free, open-source CAMPSITE content-management system for media organizations. Free downloads are available at the Campware website,

CAMPSITE 2.1 enables media organizations to create full-featured, powerful news web sites at a fraction of the cost of either existing commercial content-management systems or custom-built solutions.

âWe created CAMPSITE with journalists in mind,â said Sava Tatic, CAMPâs managing director and leader of the CAMPSITE development effort. âVersion 2.1 not only allows journalists to publish content in their native language quickly and easily without daily involvement of webmasters, but it also gives them the opportunity to interact with the software in their native language.â

CAMPSITE is based on Unicode and allows journalists to input their articles in any language and any character set (including Cyrillic, Arabic, and Hebrew). Its Java-based near-WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) text editor is similar to the widely used desktop word processors and features intuitive link creation and inclusion of images.

CAMPSITE 2.1 includes features found only in high-end content management systems, such as:

Unprecedented ease of use for reporters, editors and technical staff Highly customizable user interface according to user rights (user sees only what he needs to see) Full Unicode support Easy localization (no programming knowledge required) Built-in three-stage workflow Easy-to-use WYSIWYG Java⢠text editor (CAMPFIRE) Built-in subscription module that also allows IP-based subscriptions

CAMPSITE 2.1 is currently available with fully localized user interfaces in English, Russian, German, Romanian, Czech, and Croatian. Arabic, Portuguese, Serbian, and Bosnian versions will be available in the near future from
CAMPSITE 2.1 is distributed under the open-source GNU General Public License (GNU GPL), which means that anyone has the ability to download and install the software free of charge, provided that all changes to the code are shared with the community. âWe chose a collaborative open-source development model as a way of leveraging our software development budget,â said Douglas Arellanes, CAMPâs head of research and development. âThe Media Development Loan Fund is a nonprofit organization, and with open source, our limited resources went a lot further. Whatâs more, our efforts can now be put to use by many more organizations,â he added.

The Center for Advanced Media--Prague also provides full-service consulting services to organizations seeking to get online with CAMPSITE, including hosting and migration.

About the Media Development Loan Fund

MDLF assists independent media companies in emerging democracies to become financially viable businesses. To pursue its mission, MDLF provides capital and tools to a select group of independently owned newspapers, radio and television stations, news agencies, and web publishers with proven dedication to the principles of good, objective and independent journalism. MDLF funding--mostly in the form of loans--is primarily dedicated to helping news outlets build or upgrade infrastructure and thus expand audiences, bolster revenues and increase effectiveness.

Founded in late 1995 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under U.S. law (public charity) to work with news organizations in the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe, MDLF today also works in Africa, Asia and Latin America. MDLFâs other activities include consulting services; sharing and dissemination of best industry practices; new-media and management training; online strategy development, including e-commerce; and development of digital-technology solutions for news media at its new-media lab, the Center for Advanced Media--Prague (CAMP).

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Contacts: Douglas Arellanes +420 2 3333 5356
Sava +420 2 3333 5356

Link: Campware

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