August 3, 2005

Campsite 2.3 released

Douglas Arellanes writes "Center for Advanced Media – Prague, a division of the Media Development Loan Fund, releases a free and open source content management system for media organizations: Campsite 2.3

The Center for Advanced Media-Prague (CAMP), a division of the Media Development Loan Fund, today announced the release of Version 2.3 of Campsite, its free, multi-lingual open-source content-management system for media organizations.

Free downloads, demos and screenshots of Campsite 2.3 are available at

“Campsite 2.3 is the most advanced open-source system for news publishing on the web,” said CAMP Managing Director Sava Tatić. “Our development team has worked for the last three months to implement feature requests from the international community of Campsite users, and 2.3 really addresses those requests.”

CAMPSITE is based on Unicode and allows journalists to input their articles in any language and any character set (including Cyrillic, Arabic, and Hebrew). CAMPSITE includes features found only in high-end content management systems, such as:

- Unprecedented ease of use for reporters, editors and technical staff
- Highly customizable user interface according to user rights (user sees only what s/he needs to see)
- Built-in three-stage workflow
- Support for PHP scripts
- Built-in subscription module that also allows IP-based subscriptions

Campsite 2.3’s new feature highlights include:
- WYSIWYG text editor Xinha, which allows users to copy and paste directly from Microsoft Word documents
- Enhanced user management - separation of staff & subscribers, ability to search users, redesigned interface, categorized user-rights list
- New and improved localization - redesigned interface and the ability to translate from any language to any other language
- Online help with user comments
- Redesigned sample web site for designers to work with while learning how to use Campsite

About the Media Development Loan Fund

Founded in late 1995 as a 501(c)(3) public charity under U.S. law, MDLF assists independent media companies in emerging democracies to become financially viable businesses. To pursue its mission, MDLF provides capital and tools to a select group of independently owned newspapers, radio and television stations, news agencies, and web publishers with proven dedication to the principles of good, objective and independent journalism. MDLF’s other activities include the development of digital-technology solutions for news media at its new-media lab, the Center for Advanced Media-Prague (CAMP).

For more information:
Contact: Sava Tatić ( +420 2 3333 5356"


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