October 28, 2003

Can Hewlett Packard Protect Its Linux Customers

At a 24 September 2003 telephone press conference, Hewlett Packard Vice-President, Martin Fink, announced that HP would offer indemnification to
customers who purchase a Linux-based Solution . . . directly from HP, with a standard support contract. In effect, this announcement constitutes a
response to SCO's claim that Linux end-users need a SCO IP License for Linux in order to run the GNU-Linux operating system on their computers or face
possible IP enforcement action from SCO.

Simply put, HP is promising to substitute itself in the place of any HP Linux-product customers that SCO might chose to sue for copyright
infringement. That means that in such circumstances, HP would spring for the legal defense against any such SCO actions and HP also would pay any
money damages awarded to SCO by courts. Martin Fink noted in his presentation that [b]y doing this, HP is showing its leadership and demonstrating its
true commitment to Linux.

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