July 19, 2007

Can Linux Save the UMPC?

Author: JT Smith

Is Linux what the ultra-mobile PC has been missing all along? In this article they look into the ultra-mobile PC in its current state and the impact that Linux could have on its future. From the article, "Regardless of whether you think that the UMPC needs saving or not, it is clear that the ultra-mobile PC has not been the success that manufacturers had hoped it would be. These systems, which are now generally in or approaching their second generation, seemed great when they were announced, but were unable to hit reasonable price points. This meant the systems were either overpriced, given their performance, or underpowered, judging by the price. Any way you look at it, they have been unable to find a comfortable niche between smartphones and notebooks so the UMPC has largely been relegated to specialty and business users."

Link: xyzcomputing.com


  • Linux
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