February 19, 2002

Can Microsoft's 40,000,000 lines of source code be analysed?

Author: JT Smith

Janos Koppany writes: "In the Microsoft Corp. antitrust case nine state attorneys general were given right who had argued that they needed to look into Windows source code in order to verify dependencies between the operating system code and other components like Internet Explorer browser.
Although experts are giving very little chance for the 40.000.000 lines code to succeed in the short time left without appropriate special software tools.

The shortly presented tool CodeBeamer from Intland could offer a solution. The CodeBeamer Portal http://codebeamer.intland.com is a web-based collaborative software development platform with core collaboration components and additional source code analysis features like:
Cross Referencing Dependency Analysis Impact Analysis Code Browsing
for the C/C++, Java languages. The graphical presentation would allow to show the critical dependencies and the relevant impacts.
CodeBeamer already has proved it's functionality as Intland Software is participating in the Open Source Community. The free platform is providing insight into the structure and progress of OSDN projects like the Mozilla project with over 3 Million lines of C++ code. The service is hosted on http://codebeamer.intland.com."
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