March 18, 2004

Can a Red Hat Guru Survive on a Lindows Laptop?

The install is easy and you can Click-N-Run to get all the tools you want--given the basic install features, that's going to
be a lot.

I have been looking for a laptop for a long time. My old IBM Thinkpad, being a 90MHz Pentium with a maximum RAM capacity of 40MB, is no longer useful
for the things I need.

I had decided I wanted a modest machine that I could use on the road; I did not want this laptop to be a desktop replacement. I merely wanted to use
it for Web surfing, e-mail and the occasional presentation while on the road. My primary workstation would continue to be the tower I have in my home

I finally found a Dell Inspiron 5100 with a fast processor and 512MB of RAM at a price I could afford. I got a 14" screen and the default 30GB hard
drive to save money. It also has a built-in modem and Ethernet adapter.



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