September 23, 2005

Can a uClinux STB play HD movies from MS Server?

Robert Kao writes "Yes,EzHomeTech can !! IVS-300 uses EzHomeTech EZV 2.0 to play HD moives from Microsoft Media Server by ASF and from EzHomeTech EzServer by HTTP.

EZV2.0 aims to provide a software turnkey solution for Video On Demand Market . EZV can let you play videos, musics and view photos by streaming technology from Microsoft Media Server and EzHomeTech EzServer via Internet or Intranet. EZV2.0 package inlcudes uClinux, SSP, Embedded Browser, and Media Player. EZV 2.0 provide development environment , SSP API and Plug-in mechanism of Embedded Browser for adding more functions that you needs. So you can base on EZV 2.0 to easily and quickly customize your STB software for your customers.

EZV 2.0 Software Specification:
1. Operating System: uCLinux
2. Middleware : EzHomeTech SSP 3.0
3. Embedded Browser: EzHomeTech Browser 4.0
4. Media Player: EzHomeTech Media Player 1.0
5. Media Server:
      I. Microsoft Media Server
      II. EzHomeTech Ezserver1.6(Windwos XP / NT / 2000)
6. Media Streaming Protocol: HTTP / ASF protocol
7. Video Format:
      I. MPEG-1
      II. MPEG-2
      III. MPEG-4
      IV. DivX
      V. WMV9
      VI. WMV9 HD(720p, 1080p)
8. Video Control:
      I. Play, Pause, Stop,
      II. Fast Forward, Fast Rewind, Volume up/down
9. Audio Format:
      I. MP3
10. Audio Control:
      I. Play, Pause, Stop,
      II. Fast Forward, Fast Rewind, Volume up/down, Next,
11. Image Format: JPEG
12. Display Output: NTSC/PAL Composite Video Out
13. Audio Output: Composite Audio Out
14. Color: 16 bpp
15. Code size: 8M bytes
16. Needed RAM: 32M bytes

p.s. EZV2.0 is developed on Sigma Design EM862x SoC, so you have to buy Sigma Design SDK first."

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