March 25, 2004

Canadian E-Security Firm Backs Novell's Play with Linux

Novell's bet that Linux will break Microsoft's global grip on network servers and computer desktops arguably is a gamble of make-or-break

But Montreal, Canada-based e-security company Gwava is backing the play, convinced Novell holds the ace in the hole.

"We're in this all the way with Novell," Richard Bliss, Gwava marketing vice president said Tuesday at Novell's annual BrainShare conference in Salt
Lake City. "Linux is the future -- you have to go there."

Founded in 2001, Gwava, named for its flagship product, boasts being the only e-mail surveillance, enforcement, archival, anti-spam and anti-virus
applications specifically designed for Novell's newly ramped up Linux-based GroupWise system.


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