June 6, 2002

Canadian 'Free Software in Government' campaign launched

Rob Sutherland writes "A
Canadian Free Software In Government Campaign
has been launched, according to an
on the New Politics Net Outreach Site.

If you're interested in seeing Canadian governments adopt a 'Free Software First' policy, take a look at the material, and start things off with a letter to your MP, MLA or anyone else you can think of."
The goals of the campaign are to:

  • Educate ourselves and others and organize groups to educate and support efforts by individuals, businesses and governments to adopt and use Free Software
  • Lobby elected representatives to adopt this policy through email, fax, voice phone and personal contact
  • Raise this issue in every election, local, municipal, provincial and federal.
  • Log the track record of candidates on this issue and urge voters to consider this issue in casting their votes

Sounds good to me."


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