November 24, 2003

Canadian Health Foods Manufacturer to Deploy IFS Manufacturing and Maintenance Solution

TORONTO, Nov. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- IFS continues its momentum in the North
American food and beverage industry with the announcement today that Canbra
Foods Ltd. of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, has signed a contract for IFS
business software. The company will deploy IFS' manufacturing and maintenance
applications on a Linux platform.

Canbra Foods manufactures canola-based cooking and salad oils, margarines,
and nonstick sprays.
"IFS Applications(TM) will allow us to cut costs and increase efficiency
by integrating our manufacturing, procurement, maintenance, and inventory
control processes with our existing financial system," said Pat Van Osch, Vice
President and General Manager of Canbra Foods Ltd. "We will be able to
automate and gain visibility into product costing, product structures, and
shop floor data while eliminating many manual processes."

"IFS Applications is the choice of a growing number of North American food
and beverage companies because we offer a complete yet affordable
industry-based solution," said Trudie Carlesso, president of IFS Canada. "Our
software delivers rapid payback because it coexists with your legacy
systems -- there's no need to throw away your existing software investment.
And IFS' component-based architecture eliminates the need for big-bang
implementations. You can deploy only the core functionality that you need
today and then add components as your needs expand."

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