February 6, 2003

Candle Introduces Leading-Edge Performance Management And Availability Technology For Linux Environ

Candle Corporation announced
OMEGAMON(r) XE (Extended Edition) for Linux, a comprehensive solution
for managing the performance and availability of the Linux operating
system running on IBM eServer zSeries mainframes.The new solution
empowers organizations with the extensive systems management
capabilities required to deploy Linux in mission-critical environments
and help them reduce server expenses. OMEGAMON XE for Linux serves as a
vital first line of defense against performance and availability threats
to critical applications and platforms running in a Linux environment.
Linux is the fastest-growing operating system in the server market, with
IDC projecting that it will hold 32 percent of the market by year-end
2002. When running Linux on zSeries, customers can achieve considerable
cost savings through server consolidation.

One IBM mainframe can run multiple Linux images under z/VM partitions or
Virtual Image Facility partitions, thereby potentially replacing
hundreds of stand-alone servers. This "server-farm-in-a-mainframe-box"
approach can help reduce power costs, as well as the real estate and
staffing requirements associated with managing a server farm handling a
comparable load. In addition, since Linux is open-source software, the
costs associated with running Linux are often less than those of
proprietary operating systems.

"The implementation of proven performance management and availability
tools is even more important in an open Linux environment than it is in
other operating environments," said John Kogel, vice president, Systems
and Service Management group, Candle Corporation. "Protecting the
performance and availability of your Linux operating system protects the
applications that power your business."

OMEGAMON XE for Linux provides support for the full life cycle of
operations. It targets the requirements of technical managers testing
applications before implementation and in deployment, as well as the
needs of business managers focused on analyzing performance to assess
service-level management and return on investment. OMEGAMON XE for
Linux supports SuSE and Red Hat distributions for Intel, zSeries and
S/390 systems. Additionally, OMEGAMON XE for Linux supports Turbolinux
distribution for zSeries and S/390 systems.

The solution monitors critical system characteristics, such as disk
inode, disk use, file system and network connections, as well as
systemwide performance statistics and processes. It also identifies
hard-to-diagnose conditions that could cause outages or performance
issues, and generates alerts and reports that warn of potential problems
before they occur. OMEGAMON XE for Linux:

*Monitors Linux capabilities in real time, enabling users to manage and
tune their Linux environments
*Monitors Linux workloads to detect runaway processes and resource
*Monitors network and disk information critical to workloads and Linux
*Enables users to incorporate Linux information into an enterprisewide
view of systems performance

Like all OMEGAMON XE solutions, OMEGAMON XE for Linux features a
powerful graphical user interface that enables users to solve problems
quickly and personalize information to meet their unique needs. The
OMEGAMON XE interface features a customizable "workspace," a single
screen that displays all critical data that a user needs to isolate and
resolve faults quickly. This workspace can be leveraged for rapid
knowledge recall from multiple sources. In addition, users can take
advantage of Expert Advice, which explains exactly how problems should
be handled, and Take Action, which are pull-down options that
automatically perform user-defined tasks when certain problems arise.
The solution's historical reporting capabilities allow users to define
the data they need to track performance and availability over time to
determine trends and help them be more proactive in preventing problems.
OMEGAMON XE for Linux integrates seamlessly with OMEGAMON DE (Dashboard
Edition) to provide an aggregated view of the performance of critical
applications of the entire enterprise.

Pricing and Availability

Candle's pricing for OMEGAMON XE for Linux for zSeries and S/390
operating systems allows users to optimize their IT investments and
realize the total cost of ownership savings Linux provides. Available
today, OMEGAMON XE for Linux is $15,000 per engine for production
licenses. Since many customers are exploring Linux, Candle also offers
a development license for $7,500 per engine.

About Candle Corporation

Candle Corporation provides solutions to manage and optimize
business-critical infrastructures, systems, service levels and other
information technology assets. By enabling companies to manage the
performance and availability of their systems and applications across
multiple environments, Candle empowers customers to align IT investments
with business value. More than 3,000 of the world's largest companies
use Candle products and consulting services, including 73 percent of the
Global 100. With more than 5,000 customer sites in 60 countries, Candle
is one of the world's largest independent software and services
companies. Candle is headquartered in El Segundo, California. For more
information, visit www.candle.com.

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