Car Manufacturers Cooperate to Build the Car of the Future


Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) is a project of the Linux Foundation dedicated to creating open source software solutions for the automobile industry. It also leverages the ten billion dollar investment in the Linux kernel. The work of the AGL project enables software developers to keep pace with the demands of customers and manufacturers in this rapidly changing space, while encouraging collaboration.

Walt Miner is the community manager for Automotive Grade Linux, and he spoke at LinuxCon in Toronto recently on how Automotive Grade Linux is changing the way automotive manufacturers develop software.

He said, “Traditionally, these guys don’t share. It’s a dog eat dog world.” However, this mindset has changed for these same developers working with Automotive Grade Linux. “This is the first time I’ve seen Tier 1s1 and OEMs cooperating with each other.” To see these competitors working on the same software, and even sitting in the same room at times is remarkable. AGL is about collaborating to build the car of the future, and doing that through rapid innovation.