In Case You Missed It: Security Articles From Fox Technologies


foxtech-logoWe’d like to take this opportunity to thank Fox Technologies, who sponsored a recent series highlighting some of the challenges today’s companies face managing their infrastructure. From managing access to securing your cloud, the articles provided insight into solving real-world situations and simplifying server administration. In case you missed them, here’s a chance to read them again:

Managing IT Access Privileges — Not As Solved As Management Thinks

“Many companies think access privilege management within their IT infrastructure — providing, changing and monitoring access privileges — is a solved problem for them; it often turns out that it wasn’t,” said Mark Lambiase, CTO of Fox Technologies, which sells BoKS ServerControl software tools for managing and controlling accounts, access and privilege. In this article, Lambiase shares his thoughts on how companies can better control access privileges, the barriers they face in doing so, and the danger of leaving it unaddressed.

As Public Cloud OS Instances Grow, So Do Security Admin Challenges

Some cloud vendors tout that systems deployed within their framework require little or no administration: You create an image with the software and applications that you want it to provide services for, spin it up in a management console, and — voilà! — you have an entirely new system online; with minimal cost, no hassle, little work. However, even with newer models for virtualization appearing on the horizon, this is not exactly how things are actually used today, according to David Dingwall, architect and business development manager at Fox Technologies.

The Growing Waves In the Linux Ecosystem: Two Perspectives

A lot has changed in the Linux ecosystem recently. In the past year, we’ve experienced a massive wave of Linux take-on via virtualization and the cloud as accelerators. New companies are growing from 10 servers to 10,000 instances in two or three years. Older customers, however, are also living with a legacy of old infrastructure decisions — some pre-Linux. This article takes a humorous look at some possible scenarios.

Why Many Companies Aren’t Securing OS Permissions Adequately

When it comes to ensuring that the operating systems in your IT infrastructure are adequately secured, access-permission-wise, some companies and organizations are more up to date — secure, and compliant — than others, according to David Dingwall of Fox Technologies (which recently conducted an in-depth survey of IT security professionals concerning their server environment security practices).