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NetSpectre Attack Could Enable Remote CPU Exploitation

Researchers from Graz University in Austria released new research on July 26 detailing how the Spectre CPU speculative execution vulnerability could be used over a remote network. In a 14-page report, the researchers dubbed their attack method NetSpectre, which can enable an attacker to read...
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Evaluating the Evaluation: A Benchmarking Checklist

A co-worker introduced me to Craig Hanson and Pat Crain's performance mantras, which neatly summarize much of what we do in performance analysis and tuning. They are: Performance mantras Don't do it Do it, but don't do it again Do it less Do it later Do it when they're not looking Do it...
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10+ Top Open-Source Tools for Docker Security

For container security, you'll find plenty of open-source tools that can help prevent another debacle like the one at Tesla, which suffered a Kubernetes cluster breach. But container security is still tricky, so you need to know which utilities to add to your arsenal. Sure, there are commercial...
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Open Source Summit
Open Source Summit features 250+ sessions on Linux, cloud computing, blockchain, community leadership, diversity, and more. Register now and save $150.

Hot Technologies on Track at Open Source Summit

Open Source Summit North America is right around the corner. There will be hundreds of sessions, workshops, and talks, all curated by experts in the Linux and open source communities. It’s not an easy feat to choose the topics and sessions you want to attend at the event  because there are so many...
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The Use Cases for Blockchain, Real and Hypothetical

Blockchain has finally gotten over the Wall Street hump. Now that BitCoin and Ethereum are essentially old news, the actual technology behind these commodities is beginning to trickle into real-world enterprise applications. Blockchain, it seems, has many useful use cases out there in the business...
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open source summit
Sign up for this interactive workshop that examines networking and cloud-native technologies side by side.

The Kubernetes Third-Year Anniversary Is Just the Beginning

A vibrant development community continues to help make Kubernetes the profoundly successful open source project it has become. In just a few years after Kubernetes was created as an in-house project by Google, Kubernetes’ governance processes have also served to underpin the platform’s adoption as...
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Useful Tricks You Might Not Know About Git Stash

If you have been using Git for a while you might have used Git stash. It’s one of the useful features in Git. Here are some of the useful tricks I learned about Git stash last week. Git stash save Git stash list Git stash apply Git stash pop Git stash show Git stash branch Git stash clear Git stash...
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Load Testing Round Up: 8 Tools You Can Use to Strengthen your Stack

Although often used interchangeably, performance testing and load testing are not exactly the same. Performance testing is the more general practice of testing an application’s responsiveness and stability under real-life scenarios. Load testing is a specific subset of performance testing that is...
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open source certification
Linux Foundation certification exams require you to demonstrate skills in real time in a live environment, and the best preparation is practice.

Open Source Certification: Preparing for the Exam

Open source is the new normal in tech today, with open components and platforms driving mission-critical processes at organizations everywhere. As open source has become more pervasive, it has also profoundly impacted the job market. Across industries the skills gap is widening, making it ever more...
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11 Ways (Not) to Get Hacked

Kubernetes security has come a long way since the project's inception, but still contains some gotchas. Starting with the control plane, building up through workload and network security, and finishing with a projection into the future of security, here is a list of handy tips to help harden your...
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