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Strong Incident Response Starts with Careful Preparation

Through working every day with organizations incident response (IR) teams, I am confronted with the entire spectrum of operational maturity. However, even in the companies with robust IR functions, the rapidly evolving threat landscape, constantly changing best practices, and surplus of available...
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VMware and Pivotal’s PKS Distribution Marries Kubernetes with BOSH

In the cloud-native space, broadly speaking, there are two groups of users: platform operators and developers. And rarely does a new product or service meet the needs of both groups equally well. Through the recently announced PKS (Pivotal Container Service), VMware and Pivotal — in partnership...
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Serverless Service Mesh With Kubeless And Istio

As a developer, you may know that maintaining services with different versions and authorization policies within a cluster can be difficult and prone to errors. You must carefully manage all possible routes between all of the services. Creating a service mesh in conjunction with Kubeless and Istio...
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How Debuggers Really Work

A debugger is one of those pieces of software that most, if not every, developer uses at least once during their software engineering career, but how many of you know how they actually work? During my talk at 2018 in Sydney, I will be talking about writing a debugger from scratch......
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Speech Recognition for Linux Gets a Little Closer

It has become commonplace to yell out commands to a little box and have it answer you. However, voice input for the desktop has never really gone mainstream. This is particularly slow for Linux users whose options are shockingly limited, although decent speech support is baked into recent versions...
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How to Control Systemd Services on Remote Linux Server

Systemd system and services manager can be controlled using the systemctl command line utility. It enables you to manage systemd locally or on a remote Linux machine over the SSH protocol. In this short article, we will show you how to manage systemd system and service manager on a remote Linux...
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Arpit Joshipura
Arpit Joshipura, Networking General Manager at The Linux Foundation, discussed open source networking trends at Open Source Summit Europe.

Open Source Networking and a Vision of Fully Automated Networks

Ever since the birth of local area networks, open source tools and components have driven faster and more capable network technologies forward. At the recent Open Source Summit event in Europe, Arpit Joshipura, Networking General Manager at The Linux Foundation, discussed his vision of open source...
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Announcing The Node.js Application Showcase

The stats around Node.js are pretty staggering. There were 25 million downloads of Node.js in 2017, with over one million of them happening on a single day. And these stats are just the users. On the community side, the numbers are equally exceptional. What explains this immense popularity? What we...
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10 Lessons from 10 Years of AWS (part 1)

I recently presented a talk at the AWS Community Day in Bangalore. The tweet following the talk became my most popular tweet ever and I received quite a few requests for more details. For the last 10 years, I have had the chance to work in companies that embraced the cloud, and in particular AWS....
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Getting Started with Automation: 6 Tips

With forward-looking CIOs and their teams embracing automation instead of treating it like a boogeyman, 2018 appears to be an important year for this trend. Red Hat chief technology strategist E.G. Nadhan recently examined six ways automation is likely to impact the enterprise in the year ahead:...
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